The Seriousness Around MRSA Infections & What It Means For Daniel Fells

hi-res-bae992db9afaee86dfe9c9a25006614a_crop_northMRSA stands for Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus and it is a bacteria that has been the cause of many infections. It is very difficult to treat due to its resistant to most antibiotics. It can be the community acquired form or the hospital acquired form. The bacteria has a way of changing its structure causing it to grow rapidly and can only be treated with a handful of antibiotics.


Recently the New York Giants tight end Daniel Fells has been fighting off a MRSA infection which is causing damage to his foot. He initially received a cortisone injection and a week later started to develop a fever, he went to the ER and was then admitted to the ICU. It was determined that the bacteria was in his bloodstream and the best treatment for this is to be placed on IV antibiotics. The concern is that the bacteria has started to eat away at his bone this is called osteomylities.


He has undergone about six weeks of antibiotics intravenously and had at least eight surgeries to wash out his foot and ankle joints. The prognosis looks good but the question of possible amputations is always pending, at this point his NFL career is likely over.


At Advanced Foot and Ankle we tend to see infections of his nature in our diabetic population and it is rare to see this severity of infection in an athlete. This shows that the bacteria can infect anyone even the healthiest people, and it is crucial to diagnose these infections early and treat them aggressively. If you have an open wound on your foot or ankle come in for an evaluation and we will get a culture and start you on antibiotics if necessary. If the symptoms are severe the patient will be admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics and x-rays of the foot to check for bone involvement. MRI can be used to follow the extent of the infection within the soft tissue.


If you or a family member have any infection of the foot or ankle please call our office so we can do a thorough evaluation right away.

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