Big Ben With Lisfranc Injury From Sunday Night Game!

Detroit+Lions+v+Pittsburgh+Steelers+M2l4rf1RsJolPittsburgh quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger was playing against Oakland this past weekend when he got sacked by Aldon Smith and suffered an injury. He was carried off the field on a stretcher and the official report is that he had a mid-foot sprain. The coaches suspect he will be out for the next few weeks hopefully to return during Week 12. Luckily the Steelers have a Week 11 bye.


Lisfranc injuries can present itself as a sprain, fracture or dislocation. A sprain usually occurs when the ligaments are stretched at the bottom of the foot, causing the mid-foot to become unstable. A fracture can be a bone fragment (avulsion) or complete break. Dislocations can cause the bones to be forced out of their normal location.


These injuries are very painful and will be worse when standing or walking. If you suspect such an injury you will need to start icing and elevating immediately and come in for a proper diagnosis. Clinically you will have some swelling over the mid-foot and twisting your foot in/out will elicit pain.


The treatment for a Lisfranc injury depends on the severity. A sprain likely will need to be casted for 2-3 weeks whereas a fracture will need surgical intervention with a stabilizing screw that is removed 8-12 weeks later. This level of injury will require you to be non weight bearing for around two months. If the injury is neglected the chances of complications are higher, these include arthritis and chronic pain.


So hold on to Ben in your fantasy leagues as he is most likely only out for two weeks, but it might be time to use his injury to make that trade for Antonio Brown.

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