Lingering Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprains occur when a twist in the ankle joint happens. If swelling and extreme pain occurs after the twist then a sprain to the ankle has most likely occurred. Even though ankle sprains are common, they are not always minor injuries. If your ankle does not heal appropriately it can produce Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain which is a recurring or chronic pain in the ankle. Let’s take a look at some of the... Read More

When Your Big Toe Joint Hurts

Our feet are extremely complex structures containing numerous bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. As the primary structure necessary for movement, the big toe takes the brunt of our daily activities. With that being said, are you feeling a constant throbbing pain in your big toe? Is it stiff? Pain in your big toe can be coming from deep inside the joint and at other times be the result of the nail... Read More

Why Do Doctors Run Late?

  Doctors have a reputation for running late and we get it, that can be frustrating. But rarely does it have to do with a doctor actually having poor time management skills but more to do with patient circumstance. Let’s look at some examples. A new patient shows up on time for their appointment but forget to get there early to fill out new patient paperwork. (delay 10 minutes) A patient is late. If there... Read More

What To Do When You Have a Gross Toenail?

  Do you have a toenail that is keeping you from rocking those strappy heels? Or are you simply embarrassed to go barefoot in front of anyone? Well let’s change that. 2017 is quickly approaching us and gross toenails belong in 2016. There are many causes of unpleasant toenails such as fungus, trauma due to an accident in the foot and dystrophies. Let’s break down one of the main causes of “gross” toe... Read More

Why You Should ONLY Get Orthotics From a Podia...

  You’re having foot pain and you know it is from standing on your feet all day or something that revolves around having bad shoes. So you head to the store and see those gel foot insoles. On the box, they are describing your exact pain and you think you have found your solution. Well let’s think again. Gel insoles might feel great to the touch and supply quick comfort, but potentially they do not correct... Read More

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