Why Do I Have Cold Feet?



Suffering from cold feet is miserable. There are many things that can cause you to suffer from cold feet, some more serious than others. Themost common include:


Poor Circulation


Nervous System Disorders








Peripheral Vascular Disease


Raynaud’s Phenomenon


Vitamin Deficiencies




Chronic Alcohol Abuse


Frostbite ( not too common in Southern California )


It is rare, but cold feet can be a symptom of a serious condition. If you or someone suffering from cold feet, has chest pain or pressure, loss of vision, confusion or shortness of breath, seek immediate medical care and call 911.


In non-life threatening situations of having cold feet, it is important to get it checked out and properly diagnosed by a Podiatrist. “Cold feet can be due to serious illness and people who ignore it, can suffer from serious complications and permanent damage.” Jeffrey S Hurless, DPM.


Once diagnosed by a Podiatrist, if the underlying reason is something that you can treat yourself, here are few quick home remedies to try:


When Standing:

  • Stand on your tiptoes for one minute, Come down onto your heels slowly, Repeat for ten minutes.
  • Walk alternately on your toes and your heels for ten minutes.
  • Use your toes to pick up an item such as a cloth from the floor, as many times as you are able.


When Sitting:

  • Rotate your foot from the ankle clockwise, Rotate your foot back the other way, Repeat this between ten and twenty times.
  • Massage your feet with warm massage oil. ( be careful to wash the bottom of your feet when done before attempting to walk )

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