Avoid Foot Pain by Wearing Proper Footwear

Do you have a job that you are on you feet all day? Or are you so busy that you never get a chance to relax your feet? Does it cause pain in your legs, feet and back? Well you might not know this but you are wearing the wrong shoes. Proper footwear plays a significant role in being comfortable on the job or daily routines.

Proper footwear can improve your posture, eliminate discomfort and prevent injury. To prevent pain, here are some guidelines for choosing proper footwear:

  • The shoe must grip the heel firmly.
  • Make sure your foot does not slip out of the shoe.
  • You should have enough toe space.
  • The middle of the shoe should fit around your foot comfortably.

To prevent pain in the workspace, here are some guidelines for choosing shoes for work:

  • Buy shoes late in the afternoon because that is when your feet are swollen to their maximum size wear.
  • Have both feet measured and buy the shoe to size of the bigger foot.
  • Walk in the shoes to make sure they are comfortable.
  • Choose the right footwear based on usage and the type of work you will be doing.
  • Watch for wear and tear of your shoes.
  • Replace your shoes regularly.

Next time you are going shoe shopping, skip past the Converse, and pick the appropriate shoes for you. Follow these guidelines and we promise your body will thank you!

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