What To Do When You Have a Gross Toenail?

Do you have a toenail that is keeping you from rocking those strappy heels? Or are you simply embarrassed to go barefoot in front of anyone? Well let’s change that. 2017 is quickly approaching us and gross toenails belong in 2016. There are many causes of unpleasant toenails such as fungus, trauma due to an accident in the foot and dystrophies. Let’s break down one of the main causes of “gross” toe nails: Toenail Fungus Approximately 10% of the adult population have toenail fungus. (Don’t worry, you are not alone!) There are many factors that can cause toenail fungus such as:

  • Living in a wet (moist and humid) climate
  • Wearing socks that don’t absorb sweat
  • Being barefoot in damp places used by large numbers of people (pools, gyms, showers)
  • Already infected with athlete’s foot fungus
  • Injury to the toe and/or toenail
  • Diabetes
  • Poor blood circulation to the feet & toes
  • Weakened immune system (undergoing cancer treatment or HIV treatment)

Those “yellow” toenails should be treated as fast as possible. At first you can not feel any physical pain but if left untreated for a long period of time you can experience pain and discomfort in the toenail and the nail bed can become inflamed and sore. Eventually the nail can become thicker and thicker and end up falling off. Here are some treatments to help heal your toenail fungus:

  • Oral Medication
  • Laser Fungus Treatment
  • Topical Medication
  • KeryFlex (Nail Restoration System)

In the most serious conditions of “gross” toenails, the toenail has no way of healing or it eventually falls off. But with new technology, KeryFlex can restore your nail for you. KeryFlex is a safe, nonsystemic in-office application that restores the appearance of a patient’s natural nails. The product allows the Podiatrist to remodel patients’ nails affected by fungus, nail dystrophies and trauma.

Whatever is keeping you from wearing those strappy heels to your next holiday party, start today and talk with your Podiatrist on ways to heal your “gross” toenails.

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