Why Do Doctors Run Late?

Patient Doctors Office Waiting
Doctors have a reputation for running late and we get it, that can be frustrating. But rarely does it have to do with a doctor actually having poor time management skills but more to do with patient circumstance. Let’s look at some examples.

  1. A new patient shows up on time for their appointment but forget to get there early to fill out new patient paperwork. (delay 10 minutes)
  2. A patient is late. If there scheduled appointment is a 20 minute slot and they show up 10 minutes late, now everyone else is 10 minutes late.
  3. A patient comes in for more than the reason they stated on the phone. The scheduling person will allot for time with the doctor based on what the patient says they are coming in for, but often times, they leave out a bigger problem which needed
    more time.
  4. A diagnosis requires additional time or tests (ie xrays) Every patient deserves the appropriate time for a diagnosis.
  5. An unexpected, immediate procedure needs to be performed. (biopsy)
  6. Emergencies. Everyday doctor offices get called by another doctor or patient that needs to be seen immediately, those patients are squeezed in throughout the day.

Remember, when you are waiting in a doctors office, bring a book, laptop and something to do because when it’s your turn you’ll want the doctor to spend time with you and others will be waiting.

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