Why You Should ONLY Get Orthotics From a Podiatrist?

You’re having foot pain and you know it is from standing on your feet all day or something that revolves around having bad shoes. So you head to the store and see those gel foot insoles. On the box, they are describing your exact pain and you think you have found your solution. Well let’s think again. Gel insoles might feel great to the touch and supply quick comfort, but potentially they do not correct your foot pain over time. Let’s check out some of the bad side affects from gel insoles:

  • Gel insoles can mask problems in your legs and back.
  • Gel insoles are not custom to your foot.
  • Gel insoles do not correct improper foot mechanics
  • Gel insoles can potentially make your problems worse

So what’s a permanent solution to your foot pain? Orthotics are custom made devices that are designed to support and comfort your feet. Since no two feet are the same, they are made precisely to the structure of your foot and the way you move unlike gel insoles. Where do you get orthotics? You should ONLY get them through a Podiatrist. A Podiatrist will examine your feet and how you walk. He or she will listen carefully to your concerns and complaints to figure out your correct diagnosis. If orthotics are needed, your podiatrist will capture a three-dimensional image of each foot. Those images, as well as any measurements obtained by your podiatrist, are used to create a set of unique foot supports that will improve your foot movement and lead to more comfort and mobility. No other health professional has up to eight years of post-graduate training on foot and gait mechanics and orthotic therapy.
Say goodbye to your unwanted foot pain and visit your Podiatrist today! Ask them about orthotics and we promise that gel insoles and foot pain will be a thing of the past!

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