Broken Toe Woe: Broken Toes Should Be Examined by a Podiatrist

Ignoring broken toes will not make them heal faster!  We often see patients in the office who broke a toe several months ago and are still having pain.  They often think “there is nothing to do for a broken toe” or are even told that by an urgent care, ER or primary care physician.  Because the fracture is not treated appropriately, the toe can be swollen and painful for months and months.   Most toe fractures can be treated with taping and a stiff-soled surgical shoe, however, sometimes a fracture warrants a controlled ankle motion (CAM) boot.  When a fracture is significantly displaced or angled then, the toe is numbed and put back in place (reduced) and then splinted.  If it cannot be reduced in the office then surgery is necessary to realign and hold in place with a pin or screw.  A fracture takes 6-8 weeks to heal when treated properly.  When ignored, it can take months to heal and then sometimes necessitate a bone stimulator or surgery.  It is worth seeing a podiatrist for your broken toe to ensure proper treatment and expeditious healing.


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