What is a Podiatrist

A Podiatrist is the foremost authority and medical specialist of one of the most intricate and complex anatomical structures ever designed — the human foot and ankle.


A podiatrist is the only medical specialist educated, trained, licensed, and certified for exclusive treatment of the foot and ankle. In order to receive the degree of doctor of podiatric medicine, podiatrists must successfully undergo a lengthy, rigorous course of education, training and testing in such diverse areas as biomechanics, orthopedics, radiography, pharmacology, sports medicine, dermatology and surgery.


Although wondrous in design and function, the human foot can also be struck by numerous ailments, some of which are life-threatening. Additionally, many disorders first manifest themselves in the foot. Podiatrists are often the first healthcare professionals to diagnose these disorders.


Podiatrists also play a critical role in the care, treatment and management of the diabetic, elderly and circulation-impaired. The diagnosis, intervention and treatment by podiatrists may save patients from amputation, restore mobility or prevent other serious, more costly problems, by early detection and appropriate treatment.


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