Achilles Tendonitis Achilles Tendinitis

Pain at the back of the heel is associated with inflammation of the achilles tendon as it runs behind the ankle and inserts on the back surface of the heel bone. The inflammation is called achilles tendonitis. It is a common condition and is especially common among people who run and walk a lot and have tight tendons. Achilles tendinitis is typically not related to a specific injury, the problem results from repetitive stress to the tendon and this often happens when we push our bodies to do too much, too quickly. The condition occurs when the tendon is strained over time, causing the fibers to tear or stretch along its length, or at its insertion on to the heel bone. This leads to inflammation, pain, and the possible growth of a bone spur on the back of the heel bone. The inflammation is aggravated by the chronic irritation that sometimes accompanies an active lifestyle and certain activities that strain an already tight tendon.

Achilles Tendonitis Treatment & Cure:

In order to help treat Archilles Tendonitis, patients should always purchase and maintain good shoes and replace them regularly. When you exercise, always be sure to stretch each foot and achilles tendon before and after. If you have not exercised in a long time, consult your podiatric physician before starting a new exercise program. Dr. Hurless strongly recommends the Powerstep arch supports for everyday use and he also recommends the night splint for chronic pain. These achilles tendonitis treatment tips will go a long way in helping control your pain and hopefully cure your achilles tendonitis.

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