Corns Clavus

A corn is a callus that develops from an accumulation of dead skin cells on the foot, forming thick, hardened areas. They usually form on the tops, sides and tips of the toes but in the case of soft corns, may develop in between toes. They can become inflamed due to constant friction and pressure from footwear and can press on a nerve below, causing pain. Corns and calluses can be prevented by reducing or eliminating the circumstances that lead to increased pressure at specific points on the hands and feet.

Corn Treatment:

Corns and calluses can be treated with many types of medicated products to chemically pare down the thickened, dead skin. These products all share the same active ingredient — salicylic acid, the ingredient used in over-the-counter wart-removal products. A podiatrist may  prescribe antibiotics for any corns or calluses that have become infected. In addition to emphasizing the importance of wearing properly fitted shoes, podiatrists also recommend a variety of cushion products and creams to protect and soften corns as they heal. Dr. Hurless also recommends the Silopad Gel Tubing for corns between the toes or on the top of toes when wearing shoes. Corn pads are most effective in corn treatment when wearing open toe shoes or going barefoot. The DPM cream is a must have for softening those hard, painful corns, and is only found in offices of podiatrists. People with fragile skin or poor circulation in the feet (including many people with diabetes) should consult their podiatrist as soon as corns or calluses develop.

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