Toenail Care

Who doesn’t want more attractive toes and beautiful toenails? Toenails, however, often serve as barometers of our health. Good toenail care is important and is often overlooked in todays hectic lifestyle, as a result nail health can, and often does, suffer. Many people spend their whole day on their feet and the last thing that is needed is pain from problem feet, an ingrowing toenail or an irritating itch from athletes foot or worse. However, there are many things that can be done to get toenails and feet back into good condition. Once they are in good condition a little preventative maintenance and a little attention will keep them in good health and a shining example of how healthy nails should look. Pitted nails, ingrown nails, discolored, infected nails can be an embarrassment when wearing sandals, flip-flops and open toe shoes. These conditions, often painful and uncomfortable, should be evaluated and treated by a podiatrist who can diagnose the ailment, and then provide appropriate treatment or prescribe medication.

Ingrown Toenail Care & Urgent Care:

The following are tips to help with ingrown toenails and urgent care. Don’t apply polish to discolored nails if you suspect an infection. Wear shoes that fit well and are made of materials that breathe. Clean and dry feet resist disease. Shoe, socks, and hosiery should be changed more than once daily. Clip toenails straight across, and disinfect instruments used to cut nails, including home pedicure tools. These tips will all help you with caring for ingrown toenails.

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