Common Causes Of Dry, Cracked Heels

  It’s that time of the year, when everyone is sporting his or her new favorite sandals or flip-flops. It’s also the time that people start noticing how dry and cracked their heels are! Even though, we live in Southern California and can wear minimal footwear almost year round, for some reason, summer is when people want their feet to look and feel good!   Dry, cracked heels are a common affliction... Read More

Why Do I Have Cold Feet?

  Suffering from cold feet is miserable. There are many things that can cause you to suffer from cold feet, some more serious than others. Themost common include:   Poor Circulation   Nervous System Disorders   Hypothyroidism   Diabetes   Arteriosclerosis   Peripheral Vascular Disease   Raynaud’s Phenomenon   Vitamin Deficiencies   Neuropathy   Chronic... Read More

What is a Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Foot and ankle surgeons are first and foremost Podiatrists. More importantly, they are the surgical specialists of the podiatric profession. Foot and ankle surgeons treat a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions: • Structural conditions • Trauma-related injuries • Skin and nail conditions • Congenital deformities   Read More

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