Are Bunions Hereditary?

There is an ongoing debate about whether or not shoes cause bunions or if they are hereditary. There is no “bunion gene” in the human genome, however, there is a hereditary predisposition. Bunions often develop from hypermobility which is a condition in which the ligaments are loose and thus do not hold the metatarsal in place. Another theory is that a tight Achilles tendon can lead to bunions. Stretchy... Read More

Got Gout? I don’t think so.

Patients often come into our Thousand Oaks, CA office with pain in their foot and assume that it is gout.  Gout affects approximately 1% of the population so it is not very common.  It occurs more often in men >40 yrs of age, however, women can get gout after menopause.  The incidence of gout in a healthy premenopausal woman is very low.   The most frequent presentation is in the big toe joint which... Read More

When Should You see a Podiatrist?

It’s not always immediately obvious as to whether your foot ailments can be treated at home or if there is more to the problem that really requires the expertist of a Board Certified Podiatrist. Here are a few red flags that may help you determine whether your foot issues are in need of professional treatment. • You have persistent pain in your feet or ankles. • You have noticeable change to your nails or... Read More

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