Want Healthy Feet? Keep A Healthy Weight.


Did you know that your weight can be a leading factor into why your feet are in pain? Being overweight can cause a numerous amount of health problems such as, arthritis, gallstones, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and heart disease. What many people don’t realize is that having those extra pounds, puts extra weight on your heels leading to heel pain and arthritis. Extra weight also increases your chances of developing atherosclerosis, poor circulation and diabetes, all of which can hurt your feet. Let’s take a look at some strategies you can do to shed extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight for healthy feet:  

  • Be Active- It’s important to get some physical activity in each day for about 30 minutes. Whether it’s walking the dog, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or going to the gym, all activity is great! But remember to protect your feet with well cushioned, supportive shoes. Exercising not only burns calories, it builds muscle and prevents muscle loss.
  • Find an eating plan that works for YOU- Following a diet plan is hard when you are first starting out, but we promise it gets easier. It’s important to follow a plan that works for you and your needs. We recommend seeing a nutritionist to get an ideal plan for you.
  • Become a cautious eater- Portions sizes are a huge factor when it comes to weight gain and weight loss. Eating out might be a challenge to some people but eating at restaurants shouldn’t be too bad. Try sharing an entree or getting an appetizer for your dinner. Try to learn to stop eating before you become stuffed.

If you deal with foot pain, your podiatrist might recommend medication or physical therapy but if foot pain is putting less pep in your step and you are overweight, try these simple steps. It’s time we put unwanted foot pain to rest and add that spring back to your step.

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